Educational Sessions

KEYNOTE: Can We Talk? Connecting Across Generations and Cultures
Presented by: Callista Gould
It’s a small world! In times of intense change in global businesses, fostering professionalism can transform stress into success. Be the exceptional professional by managing expectations, communications and etiquette in our culturally diverse and multi-generational workplace. Learn how it isn’t about perfection – it’s about connection.

EDUCATIONAL SESSION: Funny in Business: The Market for Clean Comedy
Presented by: Callista Gould
There is a market for clean comedy and consumers are hungry for it. In this session, learn how to capitalize on that demand by incorporating humor into your speaking and your organization. And, maybe try your hand at a little stand-up.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Creative Edge Panel (Led by Callista Gould)
Presented by: Callista Gould
If life is like a horse race, what do you do to stay ahead of the field? Our panel of experts gives ideas for how to be innovative, competitive and strategic in your speaking, your career and your Toastmasters clubs.

Presented by: Danira Parra
How do you define yourself? What is your personal elevator speech?
What you do is not who you are. Check out this hands-on, interactive session that explores different ways of sharing your individual story and guides you into the heart of answering the question: who are you?

Presented by: Jerry Evans, DTM
Imagine…the super-secret, Spectacularly Single Supportive Success plan that’s been around for 93+ years that can dramatically improve your life. It’s a secret so powerful that it can transform and change your life. It has transformed the lives of famous people, athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, titans of business and not so famous people. What they learned is totally priceless! Come and gain specific skills in this informative and eye opening presentation to learn what this power-FULL secret is and how you can help make it the Worst Kept Secret instead of “The Best Kept Secret.”

EDUCATIONAL SESSION: Leading From the Front – Leadership Lessons from the US Military
Presented by: Col. Jill Morgenthaler
Colonel Jill shares inspirational stories that demonstrate how she took top command and ensures that people leave this session with knowledge and information that they can apply the very next day. Attendees will walk away knowing how to advance themselves and how to show the world they are ready to lead.

Presented by: DTM Advanced Club Members
Are your club members getting too comfortable? Are you ready to move your club into the next level? This session shows you how to take advantage of Distinguished Toastmasters in your stable to take your club past its first pony rides and onto the thoroughbred racetrack of Toastmasters meetings.